9. What is the DMS Semantic Mental Development ?

9. What is the DMS Semantic Mental Development ?

The Mental Development Semantics DMS is a set of operative techniques that allow us access to the reality of our mental functions, to operate in order to achieve complete an evolutionary approach to release any cognitive dissonance that leads to a harmonious state of mind which is characterized by ataraxia, absence of disorder, stress and emotion or affect in his Epicurean definition.

What is a mental technique operative? Well you should know, as Monsieur Jourdain of prose, we have two ways to think: the speculative mode that serves us primarily to defend our subjective opinions against the other, and the way I named operative serving maneuver our mental functions to develop tools, processes, and solve all kinds of problems through “mental”.
WOW! This mode is natural, it does not pass through the production of a symbolic language, verbal or conceptual construct imaginary architectures, but by a sensitive intuitive mental process that naturally needs to be developed to work with relevance.
You all know what Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, the oriental martial arts that are practiced in full awareness of “chi”, you all played a sport, body gymnastics, makes climbing bare hands, or learned to dance. To do this you do not use your conceptual thinking if you stumble, but your perceptual thinking by acting the function I called motor 4, which allows you to manipulate your body.

Before physical being, all our actions first have a mental origin, even if we do not develop an accurate intense awareness. This did not really matter the outcome, as we work to do with shortcuts that we inherited from the animals, who master since the beginning of time. With the motor 4 so we act our body, intuitive awareness of his kinesthetic image is very easy, because we know very well do that. And we send more simplistic instructions to our brain, because in fact it is not that we do, but he, who rule the minute details. We even being in a hypnotic state to perform repetitive tasks, and let the automation of our brains fend for themselves, because they know how,

9 mental functions

However this is where mental function, the fourth gold we have eight and even eight-thirty, as one of them, the volunteer is twofold. The problem is that if we master this great motor function like all animals, we know not serve us, or very badly, others, for lack of conscious perception of our mental reality.
We are born in a state neotenic, ie mentally unfinished. It means also that we are not made in the image of a mythical god, but we are a species of animal which for some time on a geological scale, crossed a structural threshold in the evolution of living beings. An evolution that started there are four billion years on this planet, our land. The crossing of this threshold explains all the problems of the human race, because it is the first link in a mental evolutionary adventure unlimited successor to biological evolution. Like all species, human works with the innate and, we know, as more than all yet, with acknowledgments. But we quickly forget that these acknowledgments must acquire, and that beyond learning physical gestures, which are in line and which form part of our innate, we also have mental gestures to acquire, which themselves are beyond our known as animal entities that preceded us have never ventured into these new territories for the living, and are therefore much more difficult to invent for our species, although this is a major challenge for its development and future survival. So we must learn to discover, explore and manage to exploit these eight other mental functions if we free ourselves from the various pathologies and deficiencies that afflict us and be able to face sereinement- all the trials that life brings. are beyond our known as animal entities that preceded us have never ventured into these new territories for the living, and are therefore much more difficult to invent for our species, although this is a major challenge for its development and its future survival. So we must learn to discover, explore and manage to exploit these eight other mental functions if we free ourselves from the various pathologies and deficiencies that afflict us and be able to face sereinement- all the trials that life brings. are beyond our known as animal entities that preceded us have never ventured into these new territories for the living, and are therefore much more difficult to invent for our species, although this is a major challenge for its development and its future survival. So we must learn to discover, explore and manage to exploit these eight other mental functions if we free ourselves from the various pathologies and deficiencies that afflict us and be able to face sereinement- all the trials that life brings.

To practice Qi Gong, yoga, breathing techniques, or any other physical exercises, it is not useful to know or believe that we are our brains, our bodies or not, because our motor function is somehow an active function on an external reality to our being, the only one that fades from our consciousness in the context of our dreams, and even that dissociates completely at altered states of consciousness such as near-death experiences (NDE Near Death Experience) and exits the body (OBE, Out of body Experience). All these techniques, and schools that broadcast them, do not speak of elsewhere, or do not insist on this point, nor are taught to elite athletes that they are or not their bodies.
The mental tool we use, proprioception, to act or not to desire our body through its kinesthetic image is anchored for a long time in the mental memory of living beings and we are, therefore, given at birth as an innate ability, thus as false as they are our beliefs regarding representations of ourselves and the world, it will not affect the capacity for action.
The situation is not the same with the mental capacity to acquire tools with which we are unaware, and which are to be built. And this is the case here, since if proprioception offers us an appropriate framework to exercise our motor function, we do not find any direct presence of permanence and activity of our other mental functions. However, and if we are careful, we find an interesting heuristic track since proprioception is a conscious experience, and we can focus on this awareness, move from a conscious experience to the consciousness of this experience, the conscious of being conscious, and hence the power of concentration that we have used to go from one to the other and the desire that made emerge the intention of which we have shown and the decision we took to get there, and if you have followed my suggestions successive you started to analyze what happens in you, the transformation of a continuous and sensitive introspection experience in another. But conscious revelation, concentration, desire, intention, decision analysis, and all the emotions that we experienced in this process are mental feelings, qualia, intimate experiences and unmistakable ineffable, traces we have kept in our memory we bear witness to the activity of our mental functions. We do not feel our body, but something else, we changed the world, we have moved from physical to mental.
The mental world is a world of qualitative sense, a semantic world infralinguistic, ie void of any verbalization, language is still a physical expression, sound or written, that we already meet more in the experience of proprioception and even less in the experience of his own mental reality of a permanent present in the absence of any tangible space. Neither our bodies nor our brain, exist in this world. Therefore, concepts and representations which are useful for understanding the physical universe outside ourselves, we do not here only useless but are formal barriers unrelenting, if we begin to discover, understand and exploit this healthy intimate world of ours.

The question of whether we (I am) a non-physical entity or not, is quite secondary, whether his belief was not a practical necessity to accomplish what concerns us here. In this case, it is the practice that matters, and not any unnecessary theoretical knowledge. We could well imagine manipulate brain function rather than mental, but now, it may not work as well as be believe his brain is a limiting belief for access to these functions, which therefore can not be brain.
A being who lives with his intensity qualia, can not of course believe that it is his brain, because he saw nothing of the biological nature of this brain occupied by billions of beings distinct from itself, neuronal cells, leading their own lives with their own conscience as all living beings, while it has a perception of his own independent nature of physics and its laws. Moreover, besides the fundamental contradictions between the ideas of experimental cognitive psychology, which denies our qualia and says that our psychological reality is illusory, and those of Computationalism trying to bring out that same reality and consciousness of a computer to artificial intelligence, brain can not turn itself off of a genetic mutation. Therefore, any evolutionary transformation consciously made by our inner nature, such as the Mental Development Semantics proposed, would be strictly impossible to achieve if nature was neuronal. The argument of physicalism comes down to deny who we are and what we are capable of doing. But these positions can only collapse into a laboratory of neuroscience can only see the reality of what we have achieved: a new state of being permanent, harmonic ataraxique, and the manifestation of an irreversible epigenetic because in this state body in the spirit of respect turns and transforms our bodies, lack of stress relieves our brain that does not need to sleep as much to eliminate toxins accumulated during our standby phase, which is most affected by neuralgia,
We can also point out that unicellular, primitive metazoans, plants, plants and trees, the blob and fungi, we can not doubt now that they have a conscience and they think like all living beings, have no brain, which therefore can not be the cause of conscious thought. It is clear then that the neurobiocentrisme is a serious normative dissonance likely to affect our health as it will prevent us forever to get rid of the risk of stress and therefore mental illness. Moreover, this belief deleterious affects all social sciences, economics and policy, based on a misrepresentation of our being,

The diplosome, physical / mental interface

The problem of physical / mental interface has long been an argument against substance dualism, the pineal gland evoked by René Descartes obviously may not be suitable. This argument against today has reason to be because we have discovered in the last century the existence of an invariant cell organelle whose presence is attested in all eukaryotes, whose biology is compatible with physical substance, whose ennéanaire structure is compatible with our mental substance. We would therefore be connected to all the cells of our body. So it is now proven as the most likely, we are not neither the brain nor the body,
This substance dualism does not conclude quickly validating the survivalist thesis, other simpler hypotheses that survival in a beyond or reincarnation is possible, especially the return of our mental nature to the source that he give birth.

The grid ennéanaire

In practice what should we do to create us the tools that allow us to do our mental functions as we do with our body proprioception?
The exercises repeated introspective meditation allow us to sharpen our mental sensitivity in an appropriate conceptual framework, away from physical sensory relationship. All these feelings may first appear to us as products, affects, or powers of an indivisible self, if not multiple faculties of our consciousness. But experience shows that our conscience is not the creative source of content it reveals, especially in the dream, the sense of self is an inert product, and that our decisions can be exercised in a unconsciously. This representation of the unipolar be like that of Freud trinity of conscious self, an unconscious id and superego a judge of good and evil, thus confounding.
It is therefore moving to the multipolar representation more consistent with the mental reality of our being, and for that to differentiate each of our mental functions as separate entities, and anchor them in our semantic memory architecture that distinguishes . To do this, Method Development Mental Semantics DMS offers a heuristic map: The grid ennéanaire consisting of nine containers symbolized by the numbers 1 through 9, distributed on the tops and on the sides at equal distances, a equilateral triangle.
This technique, practiced in meditation is to voluntarily join the symbolic figures of the grid to felt emergences and products, ie the immediate impressions of each of our mental functions, in order to initiate our analytic function in the 2 distinguish and store them in a similar container architecture ennéanaire in our semantic memory it manages, class and constantly ranks. This exercise, which initially asks our conscious attention, quickly becomes automatic when the process is initiated, and that our analytical function has sufficient evidence to do it alone, without us no longer need us to care. Moreover, a time that architecture implanted in our memory,
If the number of these mental functions is accurate, validated by the experience of our qualia, the shape of the architecture of the mind map and digital symbols attached to it were primarily chosen for their mnemonic properties, and to avoid pollution confounding the multiple meanings of common terms in our language, like consciousness, intelligence or peremptory faith. However the location of the new features on the grid meets a certain logic. Indeed, on the basis of the triangle are placed the most basic functions: 5 consciousness, the origin of emotions 3, motor 4, 8 energy, on amounts above two very sophisticated functions and satellite, right voluntary function 7 and the concentration it directs 6, and left the analytic function 2 and remembering 1 guide it. Finally, crowning all trust structuring 9.

For details on the features of each of these functions, see the introduction to the DMS method this site: https://developpement-mental-semantique.com/dms/


CONSCIOUSNESS 5 : Consciousness is a developer containing this direction in the three mental métacontextes, waking, dream and clean way to lucid dream run. The flow direction it reveals quickly slips into our memory. This is a relatively monotonic function. She thought, that is to say, becomes conscious of itself, with a brief gesture mental concentration 6. Increased concentration supported p8 mental energy charge. It is clearly not the seat of me as some claim. 

RECALL 1 : Remembering has the power to extract elements of our memory and to return to our consciousness. The memory itself is not a mental function. This function can be triggered by our volunteer leadership 7d, led by our concentration 6 and operated by our analytical 2. It can also manifest involuntary activity and trigger only when cognitive logic requires. The energy costs of our memories are very variable, common to structuring. The affects that accompanied them also play an important role because they are very powerful. 

CONCENTRATION 6 : duplicates concentration of meaning in life, with immediate effect to set the direction in the flow through our consciousness. It is comparable to zoom in motion that can be attached to the meaning, led by our volunteer leadership 7d. It allows us to travel in our memory and in our semantic field, but also to focus on analysis, judgment, a product or an operative emergence or interaction in a global mental experience. 

VOLUNTARY 7 : It consists of two sub-functions: Voluntary management 7d and 7d arbitrary judgment:
Voluntary management directs but does not judge, it is the control element of our being multipolar.
The arbitrary judgment judge but does not direct.
These two sub-functions are very interactive. In our phase before, this function is usually dominant and responsible for our survival. Its core values are survival, freedom and efficiency. It manages its objectives in its dashboard. As she has no rescission means it uses the analytic 2. 

DRIVE 4 : The driving is the link between our mental life and our physical body. It is thanks to her that we direct our body by its information and instruction interface with the brain. This function uses little mental energy and shows traces of memories in memory. It is triggered by a rocking motion of the voluntary 7d which gives it its dominance without consistency between the original intention and the action continues. It operates through behavioral structures that put other functions in service. It fades away and even in sleep and dream. 

ANALYTICAL 2 : Analytical has three operative modalities. The first structure STRU sense, the second PROP offers solutions for features that so request, the third STRP range and manages the meaning in memory. This is essential because it operates problem solving, logical analysis, imagination and dreams. In phase ensures it is subject to the dominant voluntary basis and is in phase dream she becomes its dominant tower height of its power and efficiency. The analytical is an automatic function that produces the best, based on all its vast data, but its results are not always usable. 

JOKER (FAITH) 9 : The Joker peremptorily affirms his faith in ourselves that accompanies a desire for transcendence. It validates our behavioral patterns and intervenes when our other functions declare themselves incompetent to face a problem. This function plays a big role to validate our behavioral patterns that should not suffer from doubt, and therefore also in their restructuring that may be made consciously (see the Technical section conscious restructuring), validation of our transcendent and our metaphysical beliefs are not altogether one of its core activities. 

EMOTIONAL 3 : Emotional produces emotions, feelings and positive or negative stress. This is a supervisory body of the unlimited freedom of the volunteer. Ataraxique, its emissions are only cognitive. The fundamental emotions are few and are part of a logic diagram (positive-negative, active-passive, past-future). However, they can combine to produce a large number of secondary variants depending mental products which they are associated. They can be controlled and processed consciously in order to reduce the negative intensity. 

ENERGY 8 : Any mental activity requires a non-material energy. This mental energy charge ensures the continuity of meaning in memory. We can mentally perceive this energy in the operative emergences of our mental functions and point out that they do not use the same amount of energy in their emerging products and the memories we have of them in our memory. We feel this energy as the objective quantitative sense. By cons, our estimate of the amount by our judgment 7d, is imprecise and subjective.

Explanatory Note on the image highlighted:
heuristic Map of the analytic function 2 environment

Analytical 2 has three operative modalities, the first STRU creates structured p2 sense of mental activities are accessible to it and sensory activities, and the book to the conscience 5 when it becomes aware P2E. The second PROP offers structured way more complex response to service requests functions 4 6 7 9 and the book to consciousness. The third STRP manages m memory (not conscious) sets of sets of structured meaning p2 whose post-conscious part has passed of consciousness, and can be remembered by 1. Motor function 4 exerts its action on the outside world. Mental functions (1-9) whose activities are partially inaccessible to STRU react, and operate according to their capabilities, structured sense P2E aware that they integrate into 5.

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