The human kind is it social ?

The human kind is it social ?

We define a social species, a species in which individuals are subject, consciously or not, willingly or not, to the survival of a whole or of their species.

Mankind torn its multiple divisions, its contradictions and its millennia bloody conflict, is obviously not a social species. And to clarify what a social species, we will provide an example of all biological cells of the body of an animal metazoan which could be that of a man.

Social species body cell of a metazoan

Metazoans are multicellular biological organisms consist of a multitude of eukaryotic cells that feed on organic matter, who have lost their independence and live in submission to the survival of a whole.
The lifespan of these cells varies from 2 weeks to the epidermis, four months to the red blood cells, a few hours for some cells of the intestines, while others have an average lifespan of 16 years, the cornea of ??the eye is renewed every seven days, and that brain neurons reach the age of death of the animal. This shows us a very strong disparity fate of all these cells that are yet all from the same single cell called a zygote after the merger of male and female gametes breeding parents.
These cells differentiated into more than 300 different kinds, and this disparity to become was made possible by their alienation to the whole structure, ie the submission of all tasks for the survival of ‘they constitute animal entity.
In comparison, we can give the example of cancerous tumor cells that are released these constraints, regress and dedifferentiate to form embryonic stem cells, which proliferate in limitless growth, which benefit from a form of aggressive immortality at the expense of the animal’s body that they end up killing when they become too numerous.

The human race is not a social species

Compared with the previous reference, the human species is not a social species. We can define it as a species where individual rivalries, characterize relations to exercise dominance over men and wealth. Infidelities, divorces and murders in couples, we show that this species does not even have family stability.
The human species is increasingly marked by a multitude of divisions and conflicting oppositions, stacked, stacked and nested into castes, classes, social affiliations, ethnicities, languages, nations, cultures, beliefs, diverse community, religious, political and philosophical, which are all under rival species that are not willing to put in the bid, conscious or not, voluntarily or not, to the survival of the human species.

Problem of consciousness and acceptance of submission to the survival of the human species

To date, all the wickedness of men have had little impact on the survival of their species, so little mattered failures, barbarities and successive errors of human societies, but with global warming that could to + 6-7 ° C at the end of the twenty-first century and the mass extinction of biodiversity through the fault of human industry, things have changed.
To survive the species will become a social need, to exceed its turpitude, and therefore the vast majority of individuals is subject, consciously or not, willingly or not, to the survival of the human species, ie that it is determined by a general alienation governing all behavior of men.
The problem is that according to the laws and principles governing the minds of men, it is a contradiction between alienation and conscience implies the fight, nobody can deny the human spirit of evolve mentally, this development leads to the conscience of all alienation, and to accept it voluntarily, we must first be aware. It is therefore necessary contradiction between the submission of individuals to the survival of the species, preferably unconsciously, and their conscious mental evolution.

Unable to control himself, mankind will be regulated by nature

Unable to subject individuals consciously or not, willingly or not, to the survival of the human species, humanity does not have the power to regulate. This is what we see in the endless failures of international conferences under the UN auspices. In general, there is agreement on the goals (reduction of pollution, emissions of greenhouse gases, and slowing rising temperatures), but no agreement on how to achieve this objective because the divergent interests of different conflicting parts that make up humanity.
We know that human activity, social rights and comforts of life, are closely dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels, these resources are not infinite but limited and their extraction through a peak and then decreases to tender then to zero, that this peak has already passed in the early twenty-first century, and therefore the world’s GNP is bound to be reduced to a trickle limited to little more than the production of physical force of the men in an environment increasingly polluted, barren and empty biodiversity.
Wind turbines and photovoltaic energy are ecological frauds, investment in energy required for the construction and maintenance of these machines is greater than the energy they are able to provide before obsolescence. The only significant renewable energy available will hydroelectricity, but its yields will be affected by increasing droughts and scarcity of water sources. In short, humanity will not have to run more energy than before the beginning of the industrial and massive exploitation of coal era. As a result, energy will be reserved for an elite activity, and grain exporting nations distill ethanol rather than continue to export them,
In summary:
1. The first regulation of the human species will be energy,
 reducing global GDP futures volume just 5% of what it was at the beginning of the twenty-first century, in a long succession of recessions and financial crises affecting transport and all economic sectors.
2. The second is climate,
 with temperatures between + 6 + 7 ° C at the end of this century, due to the outgassing of volatile methane hydrates, especially in the North. With consequences less rainfall, the desert advances and the draining of current temperate areas, rising sea levels, and reducing humanly viable habitat on earth.
3. The third is agricultural,
in the aftermath of the two previous natural regulation, the global area of cropland will be reduced and poor quality saw the collapse of biodiversity, and lack of energy farming will be more difficult because it will use such the past to animal and human forces. This will result in large-scale famines in all regions of the planet.
3. the fourth will be organic,
 due to irresponsible use of drugs especially antibiotics and antivirals, and the destruction of biodiversity, we fear increased resistance to treatment, and an explosion of genetic mutations leading extensive global pandemics.
In conclusion :

The collapse of the global economy will lead the banking and monetary systems. National political structures can no longer finance itself disappear. Lack of energy will cause almost total extinction of transport over long distances, and removal of all greedy energy technology including computers, internet and telephony. All these factors contribute to the birth of a social organization of local survival consists of small men and women groups. The human population will be reduced to less than a billion people off the causes of this dramatic ecological crisis, however, the negative consequences accumulated during the period will centuries to resolve.

Alone, far from men, doing nothing

I live alone in a small village in southern France, with no need to feed me and I have financial reserves for centuries without doing anything.
Without a wife nor child, I live frugally away from this pathological human society and paranoid without entertainment or unnecessary information, and away from this materialistic culture that is not mine. I do not belong to this world, I am not physical but a purely mental entity that lives exclusively in spiritual meditation without doing anything, so participating as little as possible to this widespread waste of fossil fuels and emissions of greenhouse gas.
You should know that the majority of men who lives by identifying with a biological body, ignoring his spiritual nature will be after his death, join, merge and annihilate the source of life that gave him birth. While some men have developed a set of coherent mental structures survive as separate individual entities until the end of time, in addition world, to fulfill their spiritual evolution. This can obviously not be shown to those who do not live in this, can not experience it. We are responsible for our future, some claim to succeed in sports, money or power over men, others are built spiritually. Everything is earned.

After the general collapse of the liberal system will farmers accept joint management of their land?

It is certain that when all this toxic civilization collapses, my bank goes bankrupt, there will be no electricity, and the same money will be gone. But there is enough land around my village to feed everyone by organizing some relevant way.
Are farmers accept without hesitation that we all work on their land to feed us in common? Otherwise the non peasant majority will be forced to eliminate in order to survive, which would be a shame, because it would be a loss of agricultural intelligence.
We may think the last thing that will collapse the banking system, the heart of the neoliberal empire. Everything will collapse into turmoil, barbarities, pandemics, cannibalism in big cities abandoned to themselves, and bloodshed, lack of energy and raw materials, in extreme pollution and decreased biodiversity his congruous party, basically, rats and cockroaches.
It will without consultation refuge in the less polluted countryside, the cooler, the better equipped in drinking water, far from dying industries of men. The western population will be much reduced by itself, as it was in Europe during the great plague of 1348 -1351. Many buildings are empty and many lands are left fallow, the property will probably be meaningless for the survivors, and it will manage all that in common. The majority of the survivors decide the common way to survive and it is unlikely that concept such as liberalism and individual property, which led mankind to destruction, found through their eyes. Thus the new paradigm will emerge to replace the one of our technical civilization, industrial, materialistic,

Jean-Louis Tripon, February 12, 2020


Jean-Louis Tripon

Ingénieur géomètre INSA Strasbourg, Chercheur théoricien en sciences mentales, Créateur de la méthode DMS, Président fondateur de l'AFDMS. Directeur du social networking service Sic Itur

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  1. Madeline Drake

    Yes, compared to the cells within our own bodies we are not socially cooperative nor are we social compared to ants or bees . For them the survival of the whole is more important than individual survival. However, do we not exhibit degrees of social behaviour within whatever units of social organisations see as important to our survival.? Depending on our individual awareness of our interrelatedness we may see ourselves as dependent within the family, the town, the nation state or the world. For example, the medical staff who go in to treat people while putting themselves at risk of COVID are behaving socially. You paint a Hobbesian view of humanity but there is also the Rousseau view. Being descended from chimpanzees – whence our agression – and Bnobo monkeys – whence our loving cooperation, humans are schizophrenic. You outline an apocalyptic future but you point to the hopeful outcome that a more social utopian future can emerge – at least for the 1 million who continue to inhabit the earth. All systems will eventually regulate and achieve system integrity and so will Gaia. Selfishly one wants one’s own descendants to survive the regulation. COVID gives us a preview of what is likely to be the future. COVID is part of an evolutionary process. If our species does not evolve new species will come to dominate.


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